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We wanted it from day one ... the idea of creating a series of uncompromising unique speakers has become in the end a tangible reality.
In our laboratory we have raised and brought sound analysis to a real art, the one of listening.


The choice of a loudspeaker 100% made in Italy starts from the simple concept of wanting to give the customer the ultimate in reliability, service, design and, last but not least, SOUND.

The beautiful SOUND that makes you stay for hours listening to the music you like the most, the SOUND that does not tire you and makes you regret having to turn off the stereo.

The Esse Quadro's loudspeakers have the Tweeter (the speaker dedicated to high frequencies) output volume adjustable with switches. In this way you can balance the timbre depending on the age and style of the listener, but also according to the system combinations (valves / transistors). To design choice, the difference between the minimum and maximum attenuation position is contained, never to exit from the concept of high fidelity.



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