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Esse Quadro is a young company, founded in Trieste in 2015 by Salvatore Spatafora.

However, we have many years of project development and research behind us, where the passion for sound has been joined by the one for music. Entrepreneurship, determination and depth studies of acoustic physics have allowed an idea to become a solid reality, by creating a line of innovative speakers.

Esse Quadro develops all the projects' phases in-house: design and line's study, building of the speaker's furniture, choice and assembly of components to the filter design..without forgetting the rigorous result and quality control tests ..

This guarantees the customer consistency and design integrity, as well as a product which combines craftsmanship and the most modern construction technologies. Everything 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The synergy with our painters and master tanners experts also allows the most demanding customer to be able to customize their purchase, in color and texture, for a unique product and perfectly in line with their own style.

The goal is to convey passion, strength and creativity. Always guarantee quality, style ... and joy in listening.

With special thanks to those who have followed, spurred and sustained us to date. And from here on.

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